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Family Support

Honor Boxes

Comfort, it can be a kind word or a small gesture. Immediately after a suicide we offer comfort through an Honor Box; care packages sent to the families and the departments. These boxes are shipped with a personal condolence card from another family who has suffered the same loss. It’s our way of letting them know they are not alone.

We will see to it, to the best of our abilities, that the packages are fitted for each family and no one is left out. Honor Boxes cost $150 each, you can donate to this cause by selecting the “Honor Box” button on our donation form.

Family Outreach

A suicide loss is unique, it can be difficult for families to share their experience with others who have not suffered the same type of loss. With the loss of thousands of law enforcement officers to suicide, we can put you in touch with another family who has experienced LEO suicide and knows what you are going through. No judgement, no stigma; just compassion and understanding.

Fill out our submission form and check the box “Match me with another family”.