Family Support

Whether it’s with loved ones, officers or other organizations, we’re trying to find ways to support and prevent.

Honor Boxes

Comfort, it can be a kind word or a small gesture. Immediately after a suicide we offer comfort through an Honor Box; care packages sent to the families and the departments. These boxes are shipped with a personal condolence card from another family who has suffered the same loss. It’s our way of letting them know they are not alone.


Connect with Others

Form lasting relationships with others who have suffered the same loss. Join our virtual support groups or find a family like yours to talk to.

Blog Posts Submitted by Our Familes

View our latest posts spreading awarness and encouraging our families.

Not All Flags Are Equal

Not All Flags Are Equal

This week is National Police Week and May 15th is National Peace Officers Memorial Day.  Families across this country have received a folded flag that once rested on a law enforcement officer’s casket.  I imagine they each go through a variety of...

How did I get here?

How did I get here?

Some have said, “it wasn’t your fault, it was the choice that he made.” But are they really sure? I may not have pulled the trigger, but I know somewhere I had to be the one that pushed him. I was the one that forced him to see the doctor. I made him seek help. Maybe...

Video Police Week 2019 Dinner

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