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Officer Martin Walsh January 5, 2018

Officer Martin Walsh

New Jersey State Police

Date of Death: January 5, 2018

Age: 38
Years of Service: 16
Duty Status: Active
Military Veteran: No

Staff Sgt. Walsh died by suicide on January 5, 2018 after sixteen years as a New Jersey State Trooper. Marty graduated from the academy on November 20, 2001; he took great pride in his profession, the only job he ever had.

More than a trooper, Marty was a loving father and husband. He was a man who enjoyed creating family memories by taking his children on “adventures” in the woods, riding bikes with them and playing games. His love for music often led to a “kitchen dance party” and his love of drawing often found its way onto notes he’d leave his wife around the house.

Artistic and athletic, Marty was an amazing man who led a good life. Like too many before him, some things became more than he could bear. Of the forty officers who have died by suicide in 2018 to date, Staff Sgt. Walsh was the fourth.

We would like to thank Marty for his service to his community, and his family for sharing his story with us. His love and laughter are no longer visible to us, but they will always be seen by his family. Martin Walsh will be missed.

Please honor him by following his wife Lauren Williams Walsh’s page Inside The Badge. She has created a non-profit to assist officers who struggle with mental illness and addiction and, will help support the families of those officers.