Francis Paul Stabile, III

May 20, 2020

Sergeant Francis Paul Stabile, III

New York State Police
Red Hook, NY

Date of Death: May 20, 2020

Age: 49
Years of Service: 25
Duty Status: Active
Veteran: No

On his mother’s birthday, Francis Paul Stabile III took an oath to protect and serve as a New York State Trooper. He had already served two years with another Law Enforcement agency prior to joining the NYSP. Francis, “Frank” served 23 years with the NYSP and he did so proudly.

Those who served alongside him have said that he was the person you wanted next to you, the person you wanted fighting for you and the person you wanted investigating your case because he would win for you, every time. He exemplified what it meant to be a New York State Trooper. Frank was promoted three times. Frank was a second generation New York State Trooper, he was a Forensic Crime Scene Technician, Hostage Negotiator, Back Room Investigator, Major Crimes Investigator, Back Room Senior Investigator, Senior Investigator supervising two Criminal Squads in Brooklyn and Manhattan at the same time with the Drug Enforcement Task Force (DETF).

Frank served for 8 months at the site of the terrorist attacks on 911 in various capacities. Among all of the Homicide cases that he solved with Major Crimes, he travelled to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Florida and New Jersey solving current and Cold Cases and taking confessions on those cases. He was trusted to conduct investigations into Member involved shootings and numerous other sensitive; extremely serious cases. Frank was also an active member in the NYSP Bagpipe Band and travelled across NY State to attend member funerals, academy graduations, retirement dinners and various memorial events. Frank also marched and represented the NYSP for 22 years in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in NYC.

Frank retired from the NYSP in January 2019. Frank died by suicide on a beautiful sunny day while overlooking the Hudson river in a spot that he frequented with his family, either by car or by boat. He leaves behind his wife of 10 years and his two beautiful children, his parents, his two sisters, his nieces and nephews, his cousins, his Aunt and Uncle, family and so many friends. He was the life of the party, he was the one laughing the loudest and the most, and he was the one who knew everyone in the room even if he had just met you that day. Frank was the 4am phone call that was guaranteed to help you out of whatever jam you found yourself in. He was a boisterous and larger than life beautiful man and he is missed by everyone who knew him and loved by his family and friends.

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