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Officer Craig Tiger November 7, 2014

Officer Craig Tiger

Phoenix Police Department
Phoenix, AZ

Date of Death: November 7, 2017

Age: 42
Years of Service: 12
Duty Status: Medically Retired
Military Veteran: No

     Craig had been involved in a fatal officer involved shooting in 2012. As a result, he suffered from undiagnosed post traumatic stress. One year later, on the anniversary of his shooting, he drove to the family cabin with the intention of taking his life. Thankfully, along the way he was stopped by Deputies and arrested for DUI. The arrest resulted in his post traumatic stress being diagnosed, but also criminal charges and departmental disciplinary proceedings.

      Despite the diagnosis, his clean disciplinary record and Craig’s explanation and request for help he was terminated by the department.

     One year later, he ended his life.

     His ex-wife, Rebecca, also a Phoenix police officer, along with attorneys spent the next year and a half fighting to attain survivor benefits for their two young children. Through her efforts Craig was awarded a posthumous disability retirement for post traumatic stress in April of 2016, a first in Arizona.

      At the time there was no state statute that recognized post traumatic stress as a duty related illness and to provide benefits and protection to those diagnosed with it. Rebecca, with the help of others, continued to work towards that goal.

     In April 2018, the Arizona Governor signed “The Officer Craig Tiger Act” in honor of Craig’s sacrifice and commitment to service of his community and the sacrifices of his family. The act provides for critically needed recognition and treatment of public safety officers with post traumatic stress.

     “The Officer Craig Tiger Act” will serve as part of his legacy. He will be remembered as a dedicated police officer, brother, friend and loving father.