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Kimberly Seago June 8, 2017

Officer Kimberly Seago

Beaumont Police Department
Beaumont, TX

Date of Death: June 8, 2017

Age: 55
Years of Service: 28
Duty Status: Active
Military Veteran: No

After 28 years of service to her community, Kim died by suicide on June 18, 2017.

Detective Seago’s last assignment was in the Family Violence Unit where her calm demeanor and gentle soul offered comfort to many abused women and children. As an FTO, she was “one of the best our agency had”.

While not working, Kim loved to play golf and tennis, but her true love was spending time with her family and friends. She would fulfill the silliest of requests, including posting pictures of a snow angel she made for her sister. Her sense of fun is missed by her family, friends and community.