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Detective Kevin Liermann March 25, 2017

Detective Kevin Liermann

Franklin Police Department
Franklin, WI

Date of Death: March 25, 2017

Age: 39
Years of Service: 18
Duty Status: Active
Military Veteran: No

Loved and respected by all who knew him, Kevin’s commitment to his family and community was always obvious. A law enforcement career was the only path he ever considered, he was a man born to serve and exemplified it daily. Diligent, responsible and compassionate are words often used to describe him. He could be found assisting with the spaghetti dinner and shop with a cop, training other officers and scraping ice off a pregnant dispatchers car. Kevin was also tactically skilled; he was on the SWAT team, taught DAT and vehicle contact and, self-defense classes. Kevin was also quick to offer advice and assistance to family and friends in need.
His sense of humor extended to himself, his “short arms and large muscular body” earned him the nickname T-Rex and an enviable display of toys and dolls. A water lover, Kevin loved going up north with his family–fishing, snorkeling and tubing with the girls. He began woodworking as a hobby and wanted to do more when he eventually retired.
Meeting his wife was “love at first sight”. Together 16 years, they were blessed with two beautiful daughters. Devoted to his family, Kevin loved getting dressed up for his “dates” with his two daughters and was proud to post pictures they drew around his cubicle. Their lives were filled with love and laughter. The girls miss their daddy everyday. He left a very big hole in our lives when he left.