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Kenneth Lister June 17, 2019

Officer Kenneth Lister

Downer's Grove Police Department
Plainfield, IL

Date of Death: June 17, 2019

Age: 49
Years of Service: 25
Duty Status: Active
Military Veteran: No

Officer Ken Lister #67 of Downers Grove Police Department of 25 years’ service was a father of three children, a brother, an uncle, and brother to the men and woman in blue. Ken was not only a police officer but for years he was one of the top snipers for the FIAT Swat team. He was also a range officer where he made sure the officers where ready to have each other’s backs. Ken was honored numerous times humbly with Chief awards believing he is just doing his job. One of the awards that Ken was honored with was saving the life of an individual from committing suicide.
Ken had begun to struggle with some emotional strains in life that he was not able to overcome. On June 17th, 2019 Ken decided that he could not continue the struggle taking his own life. Leaving us to carry on his legacy.
Ken is the Father of my children and we did not get to have him here with us long enough. The struggle is real with so many officers on the streets. The fear of getting help, or the disbelief that they cannot been struggling with life’s struggles. We want to make sure that we are putting a face with what is happening on daily basis. We want to make sure all our officers and their families, understand that it is ok to reach out and to talk to someone, it doesn’t make you less of an officer. It doesn’t affect your ability to put your boots on the streets and continue to protect and serve. It makes you human and understanding that we all have times that life gets the best of us. If we take time for mental health via professional outlets, friends, family, etc. it will always get the best of us, regardless of what we do for a living. We want all those that serve our communities and go in and fight the fights of the society that no one should have to see or deal with. We are here for you, we are your shoulder, your ear, your confidant.
Courage and bravery are not only keeping the streets safe, it is also knowing that you can reach out for help. It’s spending an extra five minutes with each other when you see that something is different, whether it is good, bad, or indifferent. They have your backs, so let’s have their back during these times.