Heroes Bridge Memorial Park

Honoring first responders and veterans that have been lost to suicide


On September 26, 2020, the bridge between Rowlett and Rockland, Texas was renamed “Heroes Memorial Bridge” in honor the first responders and veterans lost to suicide. The Heroes Memorial Bridge Park will be built on the Rowlett side of the bridge to provide a place of honor for those we lost and a place of reflection for their families and friends.


Memorial Park

Help us honor those who have fallen. We look forward to your assistance in creating this gift for the families and friends who have lost a first responder or military member to suicide.

The Memorial

The above image will be etched on three black granite tablets, measuring 3’10”(L)x6”(D)x7’(H) polished face and exposed sides, one Gray granite base measuring 12’6”(L) x 2’6”(D) x 1’4”(H) with a steeled flat top and 6 holes to allow for lighting, one Black Granite base measuring 12”(L) x 2’(D) X 1’4”(H) polished top and sides.

Order a Memorial Brick 

Memorial bricks are available through March 1, 2021,

Smashing the Stigma One Groundbreaking Step at a Time

Brick pavers are now available and will be on display around the park.

Large & Group Donations

Think about how you, as a veteran, private citizen, or corporation, can support our mission. Most efforts by groups and organizations take time to organize and develop. Now is the time to bring the question up at your next meeting. Please consider:

– A corporate sponsorship

– Memorial gift to recognize a family member, friend, or employee

– An endowment

– A funeral memorial gift to honor someone in lieu of flowers

– Donating Real Property, stocks, and bonds

– A cash donation

– A community service organization fundraiser to benefit the proposed memorial.

Tax information on Donations

All gifts are tax deductible and used for the purpose for which they are given and acknowledged as such. Additionally, this fund is a framework for receiving a variety of donations, whether it be cash, stocks, bonds, or real property.




“The creation of a monument honoring our officers lost to suicide is long overdue. Their injuries often called “invisible” will now be recognized.  Their sacrifices will be remembered.   Their legacy will be honored.  This monument will be a healing place for Survivors as well as a reminder that in community there is strength.”

Janice McCarthy, Widow of Officer Paul McCarthy and Founder of Care of Police Suicide Survivors

“One moment in time should not define a life, we believe the service of all first responders should be recognized regardless of the way they died. Recognition of those we lost to suicide is long overdue, the families have been waiting generations for their loved ones to be remembered for their service to their communities. We are proud to be able to help them realize their dream.”

Karen Solomon, President, Blue H.E.L.P.

“#walkthebridge has become more then an awareness walk, it has become a walk of reflection and healing. Because of this collaboration, we will be able to provide a place of reflection and healing for all families, friends and co-workers.”

Third Watch LE MC

Heroes Bridge