Officers, I Will Not Beg You To Stay

Officers, I Will not Beg You to Stay in policing, I want to. I also want you to be here with us tomorrow.

I thought I would.

I wanted to.

I thought about ways in which we could support you better. Ways we could convince you to stay.

I know not all of you are leaving or considering it. I know I want all of you to stay, but if you are going to leave policing, you deserve happiness, joy, and good health.

Some of you will leave the force. You must take care of yourself. You cannot stay for the profession or the people. You must leave for you.

You will take the bittersweet memories of the lives you have saved and the ones you could not. You will remember the hours you missed with your family and reasons you gave them to your community. But life outside this world of law enforcement may be kinder to your heart and soul, and you deserve that.

You deserve to put yourself first. You deserve to acknowledge your mind and heart are weary, the courage to admit that is powerful.

Take off the badge, let it rest. Give yourself some peace.

If you can no longer live this life, we understand, but don’t give up.

You have already given it so much, do not let it take your life.

Take your heart and preserve it well. Heal it as you need. Find another passion that allows you to serve. Your life, your mind, your family, they need you, too. They need you to stay with them.

We are here because it gets too heavy, we are here because some did not leave the way they should have. Please, I am begging you, leave by the front door of the station, not by the back door of a hearse by your own hand.